Sunday, November 23, 2014

Raspberry PI CarPC November 2014 updates


I have made a new release of the CarPC software for Raspberry PI.
 - RDS radio support(new radio application)
 - new application for managing everything on GPIO which takes about 3% of cpu(gpio interrupts are now used instead of polling mechanism)
 - new FM Radio XBMC addon
 - kernel 3.17.0
 - optimised Navit and XBMC priorities to remove hang times

Minor issues:
[Radio FM addon]: I tried different ways to set the height of the height of an item in xbmcgui.ControlList but it seems that nothing is working(I have tried adding as a parameter and also using setItemHeight). If you have any other idea please let me know.

In order to have RDS working pin22(GPIO25) from RPI should be connected to Radio(SI4703) GPIO2 pin. This is the full schematic for one SI4703 radio module and two rotary encoders:

Grab the latest update from here.

Installation instructions are in the README inside the archive. Don't forget to(sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get upgrade).
For any issues please use the Forum to avoid filling this blog with comments.

Have fun and keep your eyes on the road while driving!


  1. Hi Andrei,

    Thank you for a great work!

    How can I control front/rear sound balance? shall i use external USB audio card?

    Thank you in advance,

    1. hi Andrii,

      You need external audio card for this with at least 4 channels.
      USB sound cards have poor quality on RPI from my experience. Please use the forum for getting help.


  2. Another question: Rear camera for Car pc -- is it possible?

    1. Rear camera is available as direct connection with the screen. Please look at my videos on youtube.